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At Drone Pilot Georgia LLC. we recognize there is a big difference between government and private sector. Our mode of business with government involves a more systematic approach in process. Our government backgrounds come as a benefit towards working closely and effectively with local and federal government agencies.

The U.S ban of certain Chinese electronics has resulted in government state and local agencies and many private enterprises in the United States reconsidering their field usage of the iconic drone manufacturer DJI. The secretary of the US Department of the Interior (DOI) has issued a memo encouraging the purchase of specific US-made drone models. It’s the latest in a growing movement toward American-manufactured drones — and away from those made in China. Drone Pilot Georgia, LLC has adjusted it's services and augmented it's fleet to accommodate for government projects and utilize sUAS drones from alternative accepted manufacturers including but not limited to Autel, Parrot, and Skydio.

Our goal is to provide flexibility and efficiency to support a streamlined process within the project life cycle. To this end we are always prepared to reasonably adapt our services to suit the target goals of government. It starts with us listening closely to detail in order to tailor our services to meet your government project mandates.

Our reputation and government opportunities hinge on providing best results. We are prepared to work closely with government procurers, program managers and specific requirements to ensure successful project results. We want to know what your agency's particular challenges and needs are today in order to solve them - so you won’t have to worry in the future.

Capability Statement

Drone Pilot Georgia, LLC. is an Atlanta based team of FAA certified pilots providing drone flight services, aerial photography, and pilot certification training across a broad spectrum of industries. Since forming in 2018, our mission is to provide the highest level of services in sUAS drone pilot training, to the next generation of pilots seeking professional work in Georgia’s flourishing industries of real estate, public safety, structure inspections, security, construction, agriculture, and entertainment. We do this by providing both one-on-one and online training as a successful path towards passing of the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification Aeronautical Knowledge exam. We also work with public and private educational institutions for STEM/STEAM Program partnerships.

Core Competencies

  • - Flight Training
  • - 3D Drone Mapping
  • - Aerial geophysical Surveying and Mapping
  • - Commercial Aerial Photography
  • - Building and Other Structure Inspection Services
  • - Thermal Imaging/IR
  • - Agricultural Land Surveying
  • - Real Estate Photography
  • - Outside Event Photography
  • - Disaster Relief Services
  • - Motion Picture and Video Production


  • - We are FAA Certified sUAS Pilots with state government experience.
  • - Combined 10 years of Information Technology training experience.
  • - Twenty plus years sales and marketing.
  • - Ten years in Law Enforcement and Public Safety.
  • - Fully Insured, including General Liability, and Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance.
  • - We guarantee the quality of our work.


Drone Pilot Georgia, LLC. provides drone flight services, aerial photography, and pilot certification training across a broad spectrum of industries. We are also open to Sub opportunities.
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